Vesting Tokens Are In Our Top 5 Active Markets has one of the hottest charts in DeFi, having provided over $600M in coverage since launch.

As the official OTC desk for, we are seeing unprecedented interest in the vesting tokens and in blocks of liquid tokens as’s coverage continues to increase more quickly than expected.

As of the press date, $arNXM already has more liquidity than $wNXM, the wrapped version of Nexus Mutual’s proprietary token ($NXM). has built a flexible layer based on the foundation of Nexus Mutual coverage, meeting the growing needs of investors and providing a hedge against smart contract hacks. Armor’s competitors include Union Protocol, CDx, and future Nexus Mutual distributors.

The rewards for staking ARMOR tokens on DEX pools average around 300% APR. On Uniswap alone, the liquidity pools total $7.7M and continue to grow.

Bering Waters has aggregated the information about and makes it available upon request of interested investors.

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Founded in 2018, specializes in unreleased tokens, forward contracts and blocks of liquid altcoins listed on low-liquidity markets. Please contact Bering Waters to secure your investment in yet-to-vest or in liquid ARMOR tokens, or in any other coin that is yet to be distributed, or yet to be listed. Bering Waters OTC Desk is one of three businesses of Bering Waters Group.

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