“Arweave (AR) Is One Of The Most Undervalued Assets In The Current Market”

This article was originally published on June 5, 2020.

Berlin-based Arweave (native token AR) has built a pioneering blockchain protocol offering permanent data storage. First incubated by TechStars, backed from near-inception by 1kx, has then drawn investment from Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures, Multicoin Capital and Coinbase Ventures.

“Arweave offers a rare opportunity to invest alongside some of the world’s top venture capital funds in a project with a low market capitalization, without counterparty risk thanks to the immediate transferability of the coins, before the token’s official listing, and at a price relatively close to the private round’s price.” is elaborating Bering Waters OTC Desk.

Arweave has raised a total of $22 million in funding in 2018 (US $8.7 million) and during two recent private sale rounds (US $5 million, Q4 2019 and US $8.3 million Q1 2020).

Arweave’s competitors include Filecoin, Storj and Sia. Filecoin’s implied valuation at ICO price is $10 billion, while, at current OTC market prices, Arweave’s valuation is below $60 million.

Arweave: 5 seconds overview.

The Arweave network has a maximum circulation of 66 million AR coins, with 55 million AR coins having been created in the genesis block at network launch in June 2018 — these are currently in circulation and are fully transferable. An additional 7 million block reward AR have been introduced into circulation via mining (4 million AR are yet to be mined and introduced into circulation).

AR has been traded on the OTC market since 2018, and unofficially listed on a few exchanges with low volumes in recent months. However, the official listing is yet to be announced — this is a highly anticipated event.

The project fundamentals are analyzed in Bering Waters OTC Desk Data-Sheet distributed to its onboarded clients.

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