Bering Waters is coming to Krakow for Solana Hacker House

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2 min readAug 1, 2022


Solana Krakow Hacker House is running from August 3rd to August 7th and Bering Waters team members will be in attendance to speak on recent developments such as Bering Waters University!

Bering Waters University is a program designed by Bering Waters Tech to train recent graduates for software engineer careers to become experts in blockchain. The first iteration of the program is focused on the Solana ecosystem for smart contract and platform development. Shortlisted candidates who successfully complete the purpose-built training curriculum are offered opportunities to work across the Solana ecosystem. While working in fields of specialization chosen during the course, the graduates will be involved in some of the most exciting projects in the industry.

Why you should join?

Mike Weinrub, Bering Waters Tech Business Lead, and Sebastian Chrzanowski, Junior Analyst at Bering Waters Group will be in Krakow from August 3–7 at the Solana Hacker House. If you’re interested in learning more about what our company does, or on any topic listed below, please book a time on our office hours schedule supplied by Solana.

  • Are looking for potential investors, and want to pitch us your project;
  • Information about the special competition we’re holding at the event;
  • Are interested in enrolling in Bering Waters University for training in Rust programming and knowledge of Solana; or
  • Are interested in career opportunities with Bering Waters Group.

Our office hours during Solana Hacker House Krakow:
Thursday to Saturday, August 4–6, 2002
Time: 5–7 PM
Telegram DMs:

The Hacker House will feature a great lineup of contests and events, Workshops like All Things Solana, Fractal Workshop, #IntoTheWormhole, and more on topics ranging from Defi, Security, Infrastructure, NFTs and Gaming! Along with presentations from QuickNode, Elixir, Fractal, and our very own Bering Waters Group!

Bering Waters is sponsoring a contest at the Hacker House to invite developers to compete for 3 spots at Bering Waters University. The top 3 contestants of our competition will be invited and fast-tracked to Bering Waters University for interviews to be participants and provided opportunities to become experts as developers in Solana!

The event is also a great chance to attend after-parties and socialize with like minded individuals who share your interests.

See you in Krakow!

About Bering Waters Tech
Founded in 2020, Bering Waters Tech is a technology development and advisory business cooperating in strategic ways with Bering Waters Group portfolio companies. Within the partnerships, it is responsible for strategic placements of developer resources to solve the tech-talent shortage, accelerate product timelines, and create in-house innovative solutions and technologies.

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