Bering Waters OTC Desk and Shyft Network Partnership Enables Institutions to Invest in the Future of DeFi

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3 min readJul 15, 2021

Bering Waters OTC Desk has partnered with Shyft Network to enable institutional investors to take a stake in an inter-operable financial system, a future which includes both centralized banking and the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector.

Investors looking to back foundational fintech and crypto infrastructure projects will be particularly interested in Shyft Network following its recent mainnet launch, a first-of-its-kind global trust layer for digital asset users and institutions.

To meet investors’ demand and align with strategic long-term partners, Bering Waters OTC Desk has set up a specialized OTC desk for SHFT tokens.

“The launch of the Shyft Network is a significant step forward, in which financial institutions and DeFi businesses can work profitably together; we are part of this innovative solution, allowing savvy investors the opportunity to invest in that future right now,” said Ewelina Leszczak, Founder and CEO of Bering Waters OTC Desk.

The Decentralized Finance sector has undergone parabolic growth in the last 12 months, with total value locked in DeFi protocols skyrocketing from $2 billion in July 2020, to more than $50 billion in July of this year.

With several of the largest DeFi platforms now approaching the size of midsize banks, major financial institutions, corporates, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals are increasingly looking to leverage many of the competitive advantages these decentralized protocols have to offer. For this transition and maturation to occur, however, an effective trust solution is required that bridges the gap between the centralized and decentralized worlds, giving individuals a secure means to exchange data with trusted parties.

Shyft Network enables the secure exchange of validation, identity verification, and attestation data between individuals and trust organizations, giving institutions a breakthrough way to overcome the complexities of multi-jurisdictional compliance, and robust privacy guarantees underpinned by blockchain technology. With Shyft Network’s solution, national and international identity schemes can be established, facilitating the entrance of traditional finance to the digital asset economy.

To meet this growing global demand Shyft Network has attracted the support of leading Decentralized Finance investors including BlockTower, Maven 11, CoinFund, Spartan Group, Bitfury, as well as Bering Waters Ventures.

With years of experience in trading high-volume institutional interest in top-tier tokens, Bering Waters OTC Desk is uniquely positioned to seamlessly manage investors’ interest in acquiring SHFT tokens. With a track record of supporting projects from startup through growth to scale, Bering Waters has earned a trusted reputation with investors through building relationships and achieving successful outcomes. The investors interested in SHFT tokens, please contact

Bering Waters OTC Desk and Bering Waters Ventures are distinct entities within the Bering Waters Group. Bering Waters Group has established, maintains, and enforces policies and procedures reasonably designed to identify and effectively manage conflicts of interest related to its activities. Bering Waters Ventures abides by a “No Trade Policy” for the assets listed in this press release for 3 days (“No Trade Period”) following its public release. At the time of publication, Bering Waters Ventures holds SHFT tokens.

Bering Waters OTC Desk
Founded in 2018, Bering Waters OTC Desk is a leader in the digital assets, blockchain, and cryptocurrency space. Bering Waters’ unique position allows it to oversee high-volume trades for these niche classes of assets. Bering Waters OTC Desk is one of three businesses that form Bering Waters Group. For more information, visit

Shyft Network
Shyft Network is a public blockchain protocol designed to aggregate and embed trust, validation and discoverability into data stored on public and private ecosystems, and permissioned and permissionless networks. By facilitating bridging across siloed datasets, Shyft Network allows for layering of context on top of data, ultimately turning raw data into meaningful information. By allowing and incentivizing individuals and enterprises to work together to add context to data, Shyft Network unlocks the ability to build authentic digital reputation, identity, and creditability frameworks. For more information, visit

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