Bering Waters Tech joins the Solstarter Alliance as a Technology Advisor

  1. Solstarter is a decentralized platform and therefore is not reliant on a single actor
  2. Allocations are fair and based on the quantity of Solstarer’s tokens (SOS) that users hold
  3. Guaranteed allocations to investors are based on a two-tiered auction system as opposed to being based on how quickly users (or bots) can select a pool.

About Bering Waters Tech

Bering Waters Tech builds simple and scalable solutions to make blockchain technology practical and accessible across industries such as finance, technology, and manufacturing, among others. Deploying the best talent in distributed ledger technology, Bering Waters Tech delivers cutting-edge technology to provide unified solutions to accelerate mass adoption. The team leverages its expertise in tokenization, digital identity, data sovereignty, privacy, decentralized finance, AI, logistics, security, and distributed networks to meet the needs of global organizations like the UN, US big tech companies, financial institutions, and chain foundations. Bering Waters Tech is part of the trio of companies that form the Bering Waters Group.

Contact Bering Waters Tech

Telegram: @Beringwaters
Twitter: @Bering_Waters
Youtube: Bering Waters Group



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Bering Waters Group

Bering Waters Group


Bering Waters Group specializes in blockchain projects with untapped potential. It comprises of three industry leading businesses-OTC Desk, Ventures, and Tech.