Introducing Bering Waters Ventures’ Investment In Shyft Network

About Bering Waters Ventures

Founded in 2019, Bering Waters Ventures is one of three businesses that form Bering Waters Group. The Venture arm focuses on research-heavy innovations in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. It identifies and supports companies and entrepreneurs of various types and sizes, from undervalued projects to leaders in its sector. Its mission is to provide value to projects through its services and solutions offered across three companies of the Group and to leverage its extensive network of global investors in the areas of funding, market strategy, and development support.

Contact Bering Waters Ventures

Telegram: @Beringwaters
Twitter: @Bering_waters



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Bering Waters Group

Bering Waters Group


Bering Waters Group specializes in blockchain projects with untapped potential. It comprises of three industry leading businesses-OTC Desk, Ventures, and Tech.