Securing bZx Network Tokens Prior To The Upcoming Unlocking Event

This article was originally published on July 11, 2020.

The bZx Network is a decentralized margin-lending protocol for any Decentralized Exchange that opts for integration. Upon the unlocking event of BZRX token, there have been two Defi platforms built upon bZx protocol: Fulcrum, the platform for tokenized margin lending, and trading as well as Torque, the non-custodial platform for fixed-rate, indefinite-term cryptocurrency loans.

A total of $2m was raised in 2018 across two rounds: Seed (March) & Public Sale (October). Public Sale tokens are representing 13.65% of the total supply of 1,030,000,000 tokens resulting in 140,000,000 tokens. Those are the only tokens fully unlocked on July, 13. The cost-price for those tokens was 0.0000073 ETH/token (~$0.018 in 2018). The rest of the tokens including seed round tokens are locked and subjected to a 6-months cliff and a 48-months vesting period.

According to bZx official Telegram group, Uniswap will be most likely the first exchange listing BZRX. The price and market cap simulation has been made available.

BZRX, one of the most anticipated DeFi’s tokens, will become unlocked on July 13 at 10 AM EST and tradable shortly after. Uniswap will be most likely the first exchange listing BZRX according to bZx official Telegram group.

OTC Desk Bering Waters is offering BZRX private deals starting at $100K worth. Those interested in early access to BZRX trading can reach out to Bering Waters.

Founded in 2018, Bering Waters OTC Desk is a leader in the digital assets, blockchain, and cryptocurrency space as the world’s first Over-The-Counter Desk for unreleased tokens, forward contracts and liquid tokens listed on low-liquidity markets. Bering Waters’ unique position allows it to oversee high volume trades for these niche classes of assets. Bering Waters OTC is one of three businesses that form Bering Waters Group.


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